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Myanmar/Burma, migration 1962 to present

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  1. Carl Grundy-Warr

Published Online: 4 FEB 2013

DOI: 10.1002/9781444351071.wbeghm381

The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

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  1. Published Online: 4 FEB 2013


All forms of migration (documented/undocumented, internal/external, forced/voluntary) in Myanmar/Burma require understanding of both politics in the modern state since independence in 1948 and the political economy of a military-led country since 1962. Myanmar/Burma has had a modern history characterized by simultaneous struggles for power and democracy in the center and ethnic political conflicts over forms of nation building in the extensive border regions (Smith 1999; Callahan 2004; South 2008; Steinberg 2010). Indeed, much of the period since independence has witnessed protracted political struggles and been dominated by successive military regimes eager to extend their vision of “national unity” across the country.


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