Nineteen. The Mexican Revolution

  1. Thomas H. Holloway Professor of History President Executive Secretary of CLAH
  1. Adrian A. Bantjes Associate Professor

Published Online: 21 MAR 2011

DOI: 10.1002/9781444391633.ch19

A Companion to Latin American History

A Companion to Latin American History

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  1. Published Online: 21 MAR 2011
  2. Published Print: 29 NOV 2010

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  • Mexican Revolution;
  • Mexican Revolution, first great social revolution in Latin American history - fundamental influence on Mexican society;
  • factors, sparking a massive - highly heterogeneous revolutionary movement;
  • Chihuahua, another key revolutionary foco - experiencing a similar conflict;
  • agrarian history of Porfirian Mexico - agrarian transition, devilishly complex;
  • Morelos hacienda encroachment - on communal lands, and revolutionary unrest;
  • rural tensions, key factors to rising - unrest, industrial workers and urban artisans, voicing grievances;
  • influence of anarchist Partido Liberal Mexicano (PLM) - in certain locations;
  • Madero Revolution, 1911–13 – Madero's campaign in 1910, under anti-reelectionist banner;
  • triumph of constitutionalism, the upper hand - Carranza's warlords, establishing power bases in Mexico


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • The Problem of Causation

  • The Madero Revolution, 1911–13

  • Counterrevolution and Civil War, 1913–15

  • The Triumph of Constitutionalism, 1915–20

  • The Sonoran Regimes, 1920–34

  • Cardenismo, 1934–40

  • The Fruits of Revolution

  • Eternal Revolution: The Future of the Revolution

  • bibliography