9. The Gospel according to St. Paul

  1. Stephen Westerholm
  1. James D. G. Dunn

Published Online: 20 APR 2011

DOI: 10.1002/9781444395778.ch9

The Blackwell Companion to Paul

The Blackwell Companion to Paul

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Dunn, J. D. G. (2011) The Gospel according to St. Paul, in The Blackwell Companion to Paul (ed S. Westerholm), Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK. doi: 10.1002/9781444395778.ch9

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  1. Published Online: 20 APR 2011
  2. Published Print: 29 APR 2011

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Print ISBN: 9781405188449

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  • The Gospel - according to St. Paul;
  • Paul, beginning his greatest letter (to Rome) - by repeatedly referring to the “gospel” to which he was committed;
  • decisive factor in Paul's choice of euangelion - denoting his message, coming from influence of the prophecy of Isaiah on Jesus and Paul;
  • Jesus's death and resurrection - Paul recalling his preaching of Christ's death, “We proclaim Christ crucified, stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles”;
  • Why Was This “Good News” - One is, as Paul reminded the Corinthian believers, that “Christ died for our sins”;
  • justification by faith, most important of the images - used by Paul for the effect produced by the gospel being “justification”;
  • participation in Christ, prominence given to images of atonement and justification, disagreement between churches and theologians;
  • Paul's life as a Christian, some passages - “in Christ” could almost be translated “Christian”;
  • becoming like Christ, the “in Christ” motif - expression of outworking of the gospel, dimension deserving attention;
  • the gift of the Spirit as the defining mark - Paul, outworking of the gospel, in the imagery of atonement and justification


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • The “Gospel”

  • Of Jesus's Death and Resurrection

  • Why Was This “Good News”?

  • Justification by Faith

  • Participation in Christ

  • Becoming like Christ

  • The Gift of the Spirit as the Defining Mark

  • The Spirit and the Outworking of the Gospel

  • References