Chapter 6. Genetic Approaches to Spinal Locomotor Function in Mammals

  1. Dr. Catherina G. Becker and
  2. Dr. Thomas Becker
  1. Anna Vallstedt and
  2. Klas Kullander

Published Online: 5 FEB 2007

DOI: 10.1002/9783527610365.ch6

Model Organisms in Spinal Cord Regeneration

Model Organisms in Spinal Cord Regeneration

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Vallstedt, A. and Kullander, K. (2006) Genetic Approaches to Spinal Locomotor Function in Mammals, in Model Organisms in Spinal Cord Regeneration (eds C. G. Becker and T. Becker), Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, Germany. doi: 10.1002/9783527610365.ch6

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  1. Centre for Neuroscience Research, University of Edinburgh, Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1QH, Scotland, UK

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  1. Department of Neuroscience, Unit of Developmental Genetics, Uppsala University, Box 587, 75123 Uppsala, Sweden

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  1. Published Online: 5 FEB 2007
  2. Published Print: 15 DEC 2006

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Print ISBN: 9783527315048

Online ISBN: 9783527610365



  • spinal locomotor function in mammals;
  • genetic approaches;
  • spinal cord neurons;
  • neuronal network;
  • neuronal circuit;
  • visualization of neurons;
  • emerging technologies;
  • interneurons;
  • functional studies


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • Introduction

    • The Spinal Cord Central Pattern Generator

    • Dissecting a Neuronal Network

  • Development of Spinal Cord Neurons

    • Origin of Ventral Spinal Cord Neurons

    • Function of Early Neuronal Classes

    • Creating Functional Diversity

  • Spinal Cord Neurons Involved in Locomotor Function

    • Location of the CPG

    • Motor Neurons

    • The Renshaw Cell

    • Interneurons Involved in Spinal Reflex Pathways

    • Excitatory Interneurons

    • Commissural Interneurons

  • Circuit Formation

    • Axon Guidance Molecules and Function of Neuronal Circuits

    • Neurotransmitter Phenotype During CPG Development

  • Emerging Technologies

    • Genetic Markers

    • Gene-Expression Initiatives

    • Creating Transgenics

    • The Combination of Cre-Expressing and Reporter Mice

    • The Principle of Reporter Mice

    • Visualization of Neurons

    • Visualization of Neuronal Connectivity

    • Visualization of Neuronal Activity

    • In-Vivo Imaging of Neuronal Populations

    • Functional Studies by Destruction of Neurons

    • Functional Studies Through Silencing of Neurotransmission

    • Functional Studies Through Activation of Neurons

  • Future Directions