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Electrochemistry of the Iron Group

  1. Frédéric Barrière

Published Online: 15 DEC 2007

DOI: 10.1002/9783527610426.bard070017

Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry

Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry

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Barrière, F. 2007. Electrochemistry of the Iron Group. Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry. .

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  1. Université de Rennes, Rennes cedex, France

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  1. Published Online: 15 DEC 2007


The sections in this article are

  • Introduction
  • Electrochemistry of Low-valent Iron Complexes (Iron −II to +II)
    • Iron(−II): Collman's Reagent via Reduction of Iron(0) Pentacarbonyl
    • Bridged Di-iron Carbonyls
      • The [Fe2(CO)8]2−/1− System
      • Phosphido Bridged Iron Carbonyls
      • Thiolate-bridged Iron Carbonyl: Cathodic Electrochemical Behavior
      • Thiolate-bridged Iron Carbonyls: Simple Dinuclear Models for the Active Center of the Iron-only Hydrogenase
    • Low-valent Iron Porphyrins
      • Catalysis of Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution
      • Catalysis of Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction
    • Stabilization of Low Iron Oxidation State by Interlocked Macrocyclic Ligands
    • Stable Low-valent Iron Arene-cyclopentadienyl Species: Strong Organometallic Reductants
    • Conclusions on Low-valent Iron Systems
  • Mid-valent Iron Complexes' Electrochemistry (Iron II and III)
    • Ferrocene and Related Complexes
      • Filling the Electrochemical Window with Ferrocenyls
      • Choosing the Adequate Internal Reference
      • Sensing with Ferrocenyls
      • Mediating Electron Transfer Between an Enzyme and an Electrode
    • Coordination Complexes and Bioelectrochemical Applications
      • Ligand Types and Electrochemical Properties
      • Bipyridine and Phenanthroline Complexes of the Iron Group and Biolelectrochemical Applications
    • Switching Mechanisms Involving Translocation of Iron
    • Simple Iron Complexes: Hexa-aqua Iron, Ferri-ferro Cyanide, and Tetrachloro Ferrate
    • Conclusion on Mid-valent Iron Systems
  • High-valent Iron Complexes' Electrochemistry (Iron III to Iron VI)
    • Introduction
    • Selected Examples of High-valent Iron Complexes' Electrochemistry
    • Conclusions on High-valent Iron Systems
  • Conclusions