Chapter 6. Advances in the Molecular Genetics of β-Lactam Antibiotic Biosynthesis

  1. Prof. Dr. H.-J. Rehm5 and
  2. Dr. G. Reed6
  1. Paul L. Skatrud1,
  2. Torsten Schwecke2,
  3. Henk Van Liempt3 and
  4. Matthew B. Tobin4

Published Online: 7 MAY 2008

DOI: 10.1002/9783527620999.ch6g

Biotechnology Set, Second Edition

Biotechnology Set, Second Edition

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Skatrud, P. L., Schwecke, T., Liempt, H. V. and Tobin, M. B. (2001) Advances in the Molecular Genetics of β-Lactam Antibiotic Biosynthesis, in Biotechnology Set, Second Edition (eds H.-J. Rehm and G. Reed), Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, Weinheim, Germany. doi: 10.1002/9783527620999.ch6g

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  1. Published Online: 7 MAY 2008
  2. Published Print: 10 MAY 2001

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Print ISBN: 9783527257621

Online ISBN: 9783527620999



  • biosynthesis;
  • enzymes;
  • penicillin;
  • acyltransferase;
  • penicillin


The prelims comprise:

  • Introduction

  • Organisms which Produce β-Lactam Antibiotics

  • Biosynthesis of β-Lactam Antibiotics

  • Development of Genetic Transformation Systems

  • Enzymes Involved in Penicillin Biosynthesis

  • Cloning of the Genes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Penicillin G, Cephalosporin C, and Cephamycin C

  • Clustering of β-Lactam Biosynthetic Genes

  • Compartmentalization of β-Lactam Biosynthetic Enzymes

  • Evolution of the β-Lactam Biosynthetic Pathway: The Horizontal Transfer Hypothesis

  • β-Lactam Antibiotics and Recombinant DNA Technology: Practical Applications

  • Regulation of β-Lactam Biosynthetic Gene Expression

  • Summary