Chapter 8. Heterogenized Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Transformations

  1. Prof. Dr. Kuiling Ding2 and
  2. Prof. Dr. Yasuhiro Uozumi3
  1. Maurizio Benaglia

Published Online: 12 SEP 2008

DOI: 10.1002/9783527623013.ch8

Handbook of Asymmetric Heterogeneous Catalysis

Handbook of Asymmetric Heterogeneous Catalysis

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    Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, 354 Fenglin Road, Shanghai 200032, P. R. China

  2. 3

    Institute for Molecular Science (IMS), Myodaiji, Okazaki 444-8787, Japan

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  1. Università degli Studi di Milano, Dipartimento di Chimica, Organica e Industriale, via Golgi 19, 20133 Milan, Italy

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  1. Published Online: 12 SEP 2008
  2. Published Print: 9 SEP 2008

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Print ISBN: 9783527319138

Online ISBN: 9783527623013



  • catalyst immobilization;
  • organic catalysis;
  • stereoselective synthesis;
  • enantioselective catalysis;
  • recoverable catalyst;
  • catalyst recycle


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • Introduction

  • General Considerations on the Immobilization Process

  • Phase-Transfer Catalysts

  • Nonionic Cinchona-Derived Catalysts

  • Lewis Base Catalysts

  • Catalysts Derived from Amino Acids

  • Miscellaneous Catalysts

  • Outlook and Perspectives