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Immobilization and Compartmentalization of Homogeneous Catalysts

Part 1. Homogeneous Catalysis

  1. Christian Müller,
  2. Dieter Vogt

Published Online: 15 JUL 2010

DOI: 10.1002/9783527628698.hgc006

Handbook of Green Chemistry

Handbook of Green Chemistry

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Müller, C. and Vogt, D. 2010. Immobilization and Compartmentalization of Homogeneous Catalysts. Handbook of Green Chemistry. 1:6:127–152.

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  1. Eindhoven University of Technology, Schuit Institute of Catalysis Laboratory of Homogeneous Catalysis Den Dolech 2, Eindhoven, MB, The Netherlands

Publication History

  1. Published Online: 15 JUL 2010


The sections in this article are

  • Introduction
  • Soluble Dendrimer-bound Homogeneous Catalysts
    • Covalently Linked Dendrimer-bound Catalysts
      • Carbosilane Dendrimers as Soluble Supports
      • Poly(Benzyl Ether) Dendrimers as Soluble Supports
      • DAB Dendrimers as Soluble Supports
      • PAMAM Dendrimers as Soluble Supports
      • PPI Dendrimers as Soluble Supports
    • Non-covalently Linked Dendrimer-bound Catalysts
  • Polymer-bound Homogeneous Catalysts
    • Covalently Linked Polymer-bound Catalysts
      • Molecular Weight Enlargement for Continuous Homogeneous Catalysis
      • Soluble Polymer-supported Catalysts for Liquid–Liquid Recovery of Catalysts
    • Electrostatically Bound Catalysts
  • Conclusion and Outlook


  • immobilization;
  • compartmentalization;
  • homogeneous catalysis;
  • soluble support;
  • dendrimer;
  • polymer