17. Microwave-Assisted Cycloaddition Reactions

  1. Prof. Antonio de la Hoz3 and
  2. Dr. André Loupy4
  1. Khalid Bougrin1 and
  2. Rachid Benhida2

Published Online: 27 FEB 2013

DOI: 10.1002/9783527651313.ch17

Microwaves in Organic Synthesis, Volume 1, Third Edition

Microwaves in Organic Synthesis, Volume 1, Third Edition

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Bougrin, K. and Benhida, R. (2012) Microwave-Assisted Cycloaddition Reactions, in Microwaves in Organic Synthesis, Volume 1, Third Edition (eds A. de la Hoz and A. Loupy), Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, Germany. doi: 10.1002/9783527651313.ch17

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    Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Facultad de Ciencias y, Technologías Químicas, Avda. Camilo Josè Cela 10, 13071 Ciudad Real, Spain

  2. 4

    Universitè Paris-Sud 11, Laboratoire des Réactions, Sélectives sur Supports, Laboratoire de Chimie des, procédés et Substances Naturelles, ICMMO, Bâtiment 410, 91405 Orsay, France

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    Université Mohammed V–Agda, Faculté des Sciences, Laboratoire de Chimie des, Plantes et de Synthèse Organique, et Bioorganique URAC23, 4 avenue Ibn Battouta, BP 1014 Rabat, CP 10000, Morocco

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    Université de Nice–Sophia Antipolis, UMR 7272 CNRS, Equipe Molécules Bioactives, Institut de Chimie de Nice, 28 avenue de Valrose, 06108 Nice cedex 2, France

  1. This chapter is dedicated to the memory of Professor Mohamed Soufiaoui (1943–2011), eminent teacher and researcher, department of chemistry, faculty of sciences, Mohammed V-Agdal University, Rabat-Morocco, who died on November 16th 2011

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  1. Published Online: 27 FEB 2013
  2. Published Print: 5 DEC 2012

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Print ISBN: 9783527331161

Online ISBN: 9783527651313



  • microwave-assisted synthesis;
  • cycloadditions;
  • [3 + 2]-cycloadditions;
  • [4 + 2]-cycloadditions;
  • [2 + 2]-cycloadditions;
  • Huisgen reactions;
  • click reactions;
  • Diels-Alder reactions


Cycloadditions are particularly useful reactions in organic chemistry and constitute the most effective methods for generating carbo- and heterocyclic compounds from unsaturated precursors by forming two bonds in a single operation. In this chapter, a selected list of recent and relevant examples of cycloadditions is reviewed, including [3 + 2] (Huisgen and other so-called click reactions), [4 + 2] and [2 + 2], together with typical examples of miscellaneous cycloadditions. It has been proven that the application of microwave irradiation has a profound influence on the outcome of the cycloaddition reaction. In particular, we describe the microwave effect, reaction media including solvent-free transformations and separation processes as important subjects in the context of green and more sustainable chemistry. Efficient and sustainable approaches for the synthesis of heterocycles of interest are also reviewed.