Classroom Remix: Patterns of Pedagogy in a Techno-Literacies Poetry Unit


  • Meg Callahan,

  • Jennifer M. King


Researchers collaborated with two high school creative writing teachers to consider how a particular use of technology—PowerPoint poetry interpretations—would function in their creative writing classes. Their findings encouraged them to consider three kinds of “classroom remix” related to the introduction of techno-literacy practices into the curricular activities: (1) “composition remix,” which refers to the blending of visual, linguistic, and auditory composition elements afforded by PowerPoint technology; (2) “mindset remix,” which refers to the way teachers and students create a collage of insider and outsider mindsets; and (3) “participation remix,” which refers to the distribution of knowledge, expertise, and agency. In all cases, the classroom remix created a new blend of patterns and hierarchies that led the teachers, students, and researchers to challenge assumptions and raise new questions about how language arts classrooms function in the digital age.