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“I'm Riskin' It”: Teachers Take On Consumerism


  • Jerome C. Harste,

  • Peggy Albers


This qualitative study investigates how 90 teachers explored critical curriculum through their reading, analysis and creation of counter advertisements. Located in visual discourse analysis, we designed a study to investigate the question “To what extent can teachers engaged in a critical literacy curriculum talk back to messages of consumerism, especially through construction of counter ads? More specifically, we wanted to know: What messages do teachers talk back to when they read and analyze advertisements? How do they critically repackage their advertisement through counter ads they create? and What do teachers' interpretations of advertisements and their counter ads offer educators as insight for creating curriculum?We found that teachers did develop a language of critique for visual and written messages of consumerism, and found that knowing how to analyze visual texts enabled them to understand how to integrate this work into their own critical literacy curriculum.