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The Impact of Strict Isolation on MRSA Positive Patients: An Action-Based Study Undertaken in a Rehabilitation Center


  • Kristine L. Webber BA,

  • Sherry Macpherson MSW RSW,

  • Angela Meagher MN RN-NP CRN(c),

  • Susan Hutchinson PhD,

  • Blair Lewis MDiv BA


This action based, qualitative research project was undertaken with inpatient participants at a physical medicine rehabilitation center.


The objective of the research was to seek insights from rehabilitation inpatients with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), to better understand their experience of MRSA and strict isolation.


Researchers and patients shared ideas for developing action plans to help improve supportive rehabilitation services for patients with MRSA. Nine patients participated in interviews and four participated in a follow-up focus group. Summarized patient data were disseminated during two interprofessional staff focus groups. Cumulated data were integrated into eight plans of action.


The research resulted in immediate implementation of four action plans and ongoing development of four additional action plans.

Clinical relevance

The research outcomes have contributed to improved MRSA educational resources and supportive services for patients with MRSA.