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Big Ideas Behind Daily 5 and CAFE


  • Gail Boushey,

  • Joan Moser


The Daily 5 and CAFE were born out of The Sister's research and observations of instructional mentors, their intense desire to be able to deliver highly intentional, focused instruction to small groups and individuals while the rest of the class was engaged in truly authentic reading and writing, and their understanding that a one size fits all approach wasn't working. The Daily 5, which is essentially a structure for organizing the literacy block. Many educators will recognize that it is simply a workshop approach with two or three cycles imbedded. What sets the Daily 5 apart from other approaches is the system for teaching independence, what students are doing, and what teachers are doing, during the literacy block.

CAFÉ composes the content within The Daily 5 Structure. It is the assessment, data analysis and instructional piece that make high academic achievement truly possible for all.