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The 5L Instructional Design For Exploring Legacies Through Biography


  • Beverly J. Boulware,

  • Eula E. Monroe,

  • Bradley Ray Wilcox


People who have impacted generations have left legacies we can explore today through biographies. The 5L instructional design introduced in this article includes five components: Listen, Learn, Locate, Link, and Legacy. In the “Listen” section, teachers use storytelling and read-alouds to introduce individuals who shaped history. During the “Learn” component, each student selects a historical figure and, using print and online sources, examines his or her life. In the “Locate” portion of the design, students use graphic organizers to locate and record important events in the person's life alongside related world events or cultural opportunities of the period. In the “Link” component, students connect with someone else to share their work and receive feedback and questions. The final section, “Legacy,” encourages students to consider the financial, intellectual, social, or other kind of legacy left by the historical figure as well as the legacies they themselves want to leave the world.