• Literature ;
  • Children's literature;
  • Multicultural literature;
  • Struggling learners ;
  • At-risk factors;
  • Theoretical perspectives ;
  • Critical literacy;
  • Critical pedagogy;
  • Transactional;
  • To learners in which of the following categories does your work apply? ;
  • Childhood


This article examines the issue of children with incarcerated parents within the broader topic of criminal justice in multicultural children's literature. The sheer magnitude of culture of children with incarcerated parents makes it necessary for their stories to be included in children's literature. Children with an incarcerated parent need to see their experiences mirrored in books. Other children need to use books on this topic as windows into the experiences of other children. And finally, all children need to use books on this topic as doors for examining issues of criminal justice in their immediate communities and society as a whole. Authentic student voices, ranging from first graders to fourth graders, are shared and ideas for using these texts in classrooms are included.