Control of the degree of hydrolysis of a protein modification with immobilized protease by the pH-drop method



A mathematical model, DH = 1/k(10−2ΔpH − 1), between the pH-drop (ΔpH) and degree of hydrolysis (DH) of an enzymatic modification of casein was developed to assess the DH in a packed-bed column reactor by directly monitoring the pH value of the modified protein system. It was demonstrated that the linear DH range and the k value of the equation were dependent on the reactor type and the specificity of the proteolytic enzymes immobilized on chitin used in the present study, but no effect of the substrate casein concentration on the linear DH range was observed. Since DH and ΔpH values of the modified casein correlated with the flow rate in a packed-bed column reactor, it was suggested that the DH value, in a considerably wide range of casein modification with a certain immobilized protease in a column reactor, could be controlled by adjusting the flow rate of the substrate and monitored by a pH-meter. This relationship might be used as a basis for scale-up and long-term operation of enzymatic modification of proteins by immobilized protease in a column reactor.