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Figure S1. Age dependence in the effects of isoflurane (1.5–2%) on SEP amplitude (top) and L4 MUA density during SEP (bottom). Each pair corresponds to an individual rat; circles with error bars correspond to the group averages at P2–7, P8–15, and P16–69. On the right are shown probability value maps for the comparisons between the activity in control conditions and under isoflurane in three age groups. Within each age group P-values were obtained from paired data comparisons.

Figure S2. Characteristics of the responses evoked by stimuli in different sensory modalities in an adult rat under isoflurane anesthesia. Delays of the responses evoked by sensory stimuli in different modalities in an adult rat (P30) under 2% isoflurane anesthesia. Below, P-value map for the comparisons of MUA times relative to the population spikes as illustrated in main Figure 6C.

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