To the Editor:

We thank Dr. Drosos for his commentary on our study evaluating the clinical response of intraarticular INF compared with intraarticular corticosteroids. We included 23 patients with undifferentiated arthritis, RA, psoriatic arthritis, SpA, and chronic juvenile arthritis, who had previously received ≥1 intraarticular therapeutic injection. As previously mentioned, we excluded patients with pseudogout, osteoarthritis, and septic arthritis. Similar to previously reported cases with good clinical response (1–4), we used fixed dose (100 mg) of intraarticular INF. Also, we followed the basic assumption that the administration of INF (100 mg) into the knee joint should result in a therapeutic range compared with the effective dose of intravenous therapy.

As reported by Nikas et al (5), it is possible that 2 consecutive injections with infliximab (100 mg each) would have led to more success, but our study was not designed to incorporate a dose-finding strategy. We agree that it could be interesting to investigate with ultrasound or MRI whether any objective changes occur after intraarticular injection with INF or corticosteroids. However, even if changes and possible differences would have been present, the fact remains that intraarticular INF was not superior to intraarticular MP, as measured by clinical responses (defined as event-free survival and/or no improvement of knee joint score evaluated by a trained nurse). If we want to give better and longer symptom relief to our patients with these chronic types of gonarthritis, we need to look for other therapies.

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A. E. van der Bijl MD*, C. F. Allaart MD, PhD*, * Leiden University Medical Center Leiden, The Netherlands.