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ACR_20146_sm_supplfig1.TIF80KSupplementary Figure 1. Efficacy of cardiorespiratory aerobic exercises on disease activity score (A) and radiological damage (B). SMD = standardized mean difference (difference between both groups of mean outcome variation from baseline/SD at baseline); 95% CI = 95% confidence interval; IV = method of the inverse of the variance; DAS = Disease activity score; Larsen = Larsen's radiologic score.
ACR_20146_sm_supplfig2.TIF70KSupplementary Figure 2. Publication bias assessment. Funnel plots for quality of life (A), function (B), visual analog scale (VAS) pain (C), and joint count (D) meta-analysis. SMD = standardized mean difference; SE = standard error.
ACR_20146_sm_appendix.doc181KSupplementary Data

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