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ACR_21600_sm_SuppAppa.tif216KSupplementary Appendix A. CART model 4: all potential predictors (measured at baseline and at weeks 4, 6, 8, and 12) included to predict low disease activity (DAS28 ≤ 3.2) and/or ACR50 at 1 year. Variables and cut points were derived empirically using CART. Results shown are from the testing data set only since performance of the models using the training data set was generally superior.
ACR_21600_sm_SuppAppb.tif178KSupplementary Appendix B. Replication of a prediction model derived from RA patients initiating etanercept (from the TEMPO trial) (28) to the RAPID 1 population. No new statistical modeling was conducted. The predictors and cut points previously published were used and model performance evaluated using RAPID 1 data.

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