Treatment of Acute Gouty Arthritis in Complex Hospitalized Patients With Anakinra




To report our experience with the efficacy and safety of anakinra for acute gouty arthritis in medically complex hospitalized patients.


We reviewed the hospital charts of 26 patients treated with anakinra for crystal-induced arthritis since 2007. Demographics, comorbid conditions, reason for anakinra use, response to treatment, and any adverse outcomes were recorded.


Twenty-six patients received 40 courses of anakinra therapy. In 67% of patients, pain improved significantly within 24 hours, and complete resolution of signs and symptoms of gout occurred by day 5 in 72.5% of patients. Seven patients received multiple courses with no decrement in response with repeated treatments. Anakinra was well tolerated and no adverse outcomes were attributed to the medication. Only 1 patient appeared to be refractory to this form of interleukin-1 inhibition.


Anakinra is an effective and safe alternative treatment for acute gouty arthritis in medically complex hospitalized patients who fail or cannot undergo more conventional therapy.