Effect of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on Grip and Pinch Strength Compared With Sex- and Age-Matched Normative Data


  • ClinicalTrials.gov identifier: NCT00803257.



To compare grip and pinch strength of individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) to normative values before and after a combined splint/stretching intervention.


Data collected on grip and pinch strength on 124 subjects with CTS were compared to age- and sex-matched normative data.


In general, our sample had significantly lower strength than the normative sample at baseline. Although there were significant improvements in strength after 4 weeks of splinting/exercise, subjects continued to have significant deficits in comparison to the normative data.


Patients with CTS have moderate to large deficits in grip and pinch strength in comparison to normative data. Splinting/stretching may reduce these deficits; however, CTS patients are often left with residual problems at 4 weeks.