Topological considerations concerning the ratio of linear, imperfectly branched, dendritic and terminal units in hyperbranched polymers based on AB2, AB3 and ABm (m≥2) type monomers are summarized. The reaction of AB2 monomers with a core molecule of the structure Bf is also treated. For larger hyperbranched polymers based on AB2 monomers the fraction of terminal units has to be equal to the number of dendritic units. A general expression for the degree of branching (DB) is derived for AB2 systems, which is based on the number of dendritic and linear units. The expression is valid for low molecular weight as well as high molecular weight hyperbranched polymers in contrast to the commonly used expression based on dendritic, linear and terminal units. DB may not exceed 0.5 in hyperbranched polymers based on AB2 systems (0.44 in AB3 systems). Furthermore, a general expression for DB in hyperbranched polymers based on ABm monomers is derived. Consequences for signal ratios in NMR-spectra of hyperbranched polymers are discussed. The expressions presented allow verification of NMR-integration ratios obtained experimentally on the basis of model compounds.