• The Journey: Studies from the Temple Island Project;
  • ‘Greetings from Henley’;
  • ‘grokking’;
  • Cooper Union, New York;
  • Siegfried's Journey to the Rhine;
  • Die Götterdämmerung;
  • Die Winterreise;
  • Drive-In House;
  • Lamborghini;
  • Reyner Banham;
  • Mies van der Rohe;
  • IM Pei;
  • Paul Rudolph;
  • Radio City;
  • The Geography of Nowhere;
  • James Howard Kunstler;
  • the Garden State;
  • relationship between representation and the represented


For visionary architect and founding member of Archigram Michael Webb, high definition has become a lifetime's pursuit. It represents the distillation and layering of material and meaning in ongoing works that explore the same theme over space and time. Here he discusses two projects – The Journey and the Drive-In House – which he commenced in 1977 and 1987, respectively, and that he continues to the present day; they express his essential preoccupations with his home landscape and the perfect contour of the car.