Synthesis of Cobalt/Polymer Multilayer Nanotubes


  • This work was partially funded by the National Science Foundation (USA) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Science (Grant No. BMBF 03N8701). We thank J. Robinson and R. Krishnan of MIT for assistance with sample measurement and annealing, acknowledge H.I. Smith and E.L. Thomas of MIT for the use of laboratory facilities, P. Göring from the Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics in Halle (Germany) for transmission electron microscopy.


Cobalt/polymer multilayer nanotubes (see Figure) are formed by wetting of alumina and silicon membranes by polystyrene containing a metallo–organic precursor, followed by a thermal decomposition process. This article describes the fabrication and magnetic properties of high quality, thin-walled ferromagnetic nanotubes. They might be very attractive for a broad range of potential applications ranging from biotechnology to magnetic storage devices.