Process Stability in Serial Production of Aluminium Foam Panels and 3D Parts


  • The authors would like to thank Dr. F. Simancik and his team of the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, SAS, Bratislava, Slovak Republik; Univ. Prof. R.F. Singer and his team of Neue Materialien Fürth; Univ.-Prof. H.P. Degischer and his team at the Institute of Materials Science and Testing of the Vienna University of Technology for their assistance and support.


Powder Metallurgy (PM) technology is emerging as one of the most promising techniques for the manufacture of net shape components and panels of aluminium foam. Control of the stability of the aluminium foaming process is one of the key issues in a serial production. Since there are many different parameters to be controlled in the raw material, the precursor and the finished foam part, the best solution is to keep all these factors in one centre of competence to exclude external influences and transporting problems. The latest material for the foaming tools plays also a decisive role concerning a high surface quality and a constant heat generation within the foam. New developments such as a precursor testing equipment or a foaming optimized furnace construction guarantees constant production conditions to be equipped for a more and more demanding market.