Endogenous Particle Stabilization During Magnesium Integral Foam Production


  • This work is supported by the DFG (SFB 396). The authors would also like to thank A. Lohmüller and M. Scharrer for their technical assistance and M. Lamm for sample preparation.


The production of magnesium integral foam components with a dense shell and a porous core is investigated. High pressure casting methods are used where liquid magnesium mixed with a blowing agent is injected into a permanent steel mould. A compact shell develops due to fast cooling at the walls. Larger cooling times in the core allow the decomposition of the blowing agent and the evolution of a foam structure. The resulting integral foams show a high weight-specific stiffness combined with high energy absorption capability. For the first time, foam stabilizing without additives is realized. Stabilization is by foaming during solidification with the primary α-phase particles acting as obstacles slowing down cell wall thinning.