Amorphous, Elastic AB Copolymer Networks from Acrylates and Poly[(L-lactide)-ran-glycolide]dimethacrylates


  • The financial support by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), BioFuture Award 0311867 is gratefully acknowledged. The authors thank Dr. Karolin Schmälzlin for her assistance in graphical presentation and assistance in the preparation of the manuscript.


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Three series of amorphous AB copolymer networks with shape-memory capabilities were obtained from poly[(L-lactide)-ran-glycolide]dimethacrylate (DM) as crosslinker and ethylacrylate-(AEt), butylacrylate-(ABu), or hexyl acrylate (AHe) as comonomers. The switching temperature Tsw of the shape-memory effect could be adjusted between 9 °C to 45 °C. Strain fixity rates and strain recovery rates above 96 % could be reached. Compared to the homonetwork from DM, the incorporation of polyacrylate segments into the network led to a significant improvement of mechanical properties. Reaching higher elasticity and the possibility to adjust Tsw to a temperature between room temperature and body temperature are considered to be substantial steps to improve the applicability of these polymer networks.