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New Cellular Metals with Enhanced Energy Absorption: Wire-Woven Bulk Kagome (WBK)-Metal Hollow Sphere (MHS) Hybrids


  • Acknowledgements, This study was supported by 2006 National Research Lab program of the Korea Science & Engineering Foundation (R0A-2006-000-10249-0).


Two types of new cellular metals are fabricated by assembling layer by layer helically-formed wires with metal hollow sphere (MHS) arrays. In the finished configuration, the MHSs are located in small tetrahedrons or octahedrons of the inner space of a wire-woven bulk Kagome (WBK) structure. Compression tests reveal excellent energy absorption, which is attributed to combination of suppression of strut buckling in the WBK and moving plastic hinge occurring in the MHSs. The WBK-MHS hybrids outperform competitors in deformation energy absorption.