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A Novel Training-Free Cast Fe[BOND]Mn[BOND]Si[BOND]Cr[BOND]Ni Shape Memory Alloy Based on Formation of Martensite in a Domain-Specific Manner


  • The authors would like to thank financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 50501015 and 50871072) and the Natural Science Foundation for Young Scientists of Sichuan Province in China (No. 2010A01-436).


The proposed key to producing a good shape memory effect in Fe[BOND]Mn[BOND]Si alloys is to reduce or even prevent the collisions between martensite bands. A method for realizing this is to make stress-induced martensite bands form in a domain-specific manner. We developed a novel training-free cast Fe[BOND]18Mn[BOND]5.5Si[BOND]9.5Cr[BOND]4Ni alloy with residual lathy delta ferrite based on this idea. The recovery strain reached 6.4% only after annealing the cast Fe[BOND]18Mn[BOND]5.5Si[BOND]9.5Cr[BOND]4Ni alloy. Microstructure observations indicated that the lathy delta ferrite made the stress-induced martensite form in a domain-specific manner by first subdividing grains into smaller domains. We hypothesize that through adjusting alloy compositions, solidification parameters, and heat treatment technique, the shape recovery of cast Fe[BOND]Mn[BOND]Si alloys can be further improved. Such a finding will provide a novel method for developing training-free Fe[BOND]Mn[BOND]Si shape memory alloys.

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