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Benefits of X-Ray CMT for the Modeling of C/C Composites


  • This work has been funded by CNRS and Snecma Propulsion Solide (Safran Group) through a grant to O. C., by the French Ministry of Education through a grant to C. M., and by CEA and CNRS through a grant to J. L.


C/C composites have application in very demanding areas like aerospace, fusion technology, etc. and thus their optimization is crucial, both in the control of processing routes and in the prediction of their behavior in use. Intense modeling efforts have been performed in these directions. To help a direct application on actual materials, with possibly complex reinforcement architectures, X-ray computerized micro-tomography (CMT) is a beneficial technique, since it allows producing extremely detailed representations of these architectures. However, there is a long way from the crude X-ray projections to the information that is directly usable in C/C composite modeling. This paper summarizes several achievements in this domain and discusses the obtained results, concerning (i) composites imaging by phase contrast CMT and holographic CMT, (ii) evaluation of effective geometrical and transfer properties in fiber arrangements and actual fiber-reinforced composites, (iii) modeling of degradation by ablation, and (iv) modeling of processing by chemical vapor infiltration.