Bioactive Materials for Regenerative Medicine: Zeolite-Hydroxyapatite Bone Mimetic Coatings


  • Supporting information is available from the Wiley Online Library or from the author.


We report the synthesis and characterization of a novel zeolite-hydroxyapatite composite coating on titanium alloys and stainless steel. The zeolite-hydroxyapatite coating is superhydrophilic and outperforms the state-of-the-art Ti6Al4V alloys in corrosion resistance tests in aggressive pitting NaCl media, phosphate buffer solution with BSA protein, as well as highly complex DMEM cell culture media. And the composite coating also eliminates the elastic modulus mismatch between coating and bone. In addition, the composite coating has an osteoconductive and osteoinductive effect on hFOBs, indicating that it may enhance osteointegration of implants and speed up post-surgical recovery, and thus reduce the need for recurring implant replacement surgeries. Replacing titanium with zeolite-hydroxyapatite coated steel can also significantly reduce implant cost while improving implant lifespan.