Mechanical Properties of Monofilament Entangled Materials


  • The authors would like to thank the National Research Agency (MANSART, ANR-REG-071220-01-01) for funding this study. We thank Dr. J. Adrien for his help with the acquisition of the tomography scans. In addition, we would like to thank Dr. S. Meille and P. Clement for their help with the execution of the dynamic mechanical analysis.


Monofilament entangled materials are a new type of materials with promising mechanical properties. They are made of a single wire randomly packed into a finite volume whose dimensions are much larger than the wire length, thus providing many self-contacts. Their complex internal architecture is investigated using X-ray tomography. The evolution of the number of contacts per unit volume, as well as of the density profiles, is monitored during a compression test in order to link the microstructural evolution of the sample to its mechanical behavior. This material exhibits very interesting properties in terms of vibration damping.