Reactive Filters for Steel Melt Filtration


  • This work was financially supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in frame of the Collaborative Research Center 920. The authors would like to thank Mrs. Anja Stolle for the impingement tests and Mr. Ricardo Fricke for supporting the tests at the steel casting simulator.


New carbon bonded Al2O3 filters with Magnesia–carbon (MgO–C) “reactive coatings” for high filtration efficiency of steel melts are studied with the aid of a special steel casting simulator in full controlled atmosphere. Due to the in situ reduction of MgO in the MgO–C coating and the formation of Mg vapor a reaction with the oxygen dissolved in the steel melt is triggered and leads to the formation of secondary MgO on the filter surface. With this approach not only primary and secondary inclusions can be effectively removed from the steel melt, but as well as less tertiary and quartenary inclusions can be expected due to less oxygen dissolved in the steel melt.