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Characterization of Long-Term Durability of Induction Welded Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer-Joints


  • The authors acknowledge the financial support provided by “Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft” for the funding in the framework of the DFG-Research-Group 524. “Herstellung, Eigenschaftsanalyse und Simulation geschweißter Leichtbaustrukturen aus Metall/Faser-Kunststoff-Verbunden” (



The long-term durability of hybrid structures (metal – carbon fiber reinforced polymer) are investigated in this study using outdoor aging tests. For the metallic adherend different pre-treatment methods were used before welding. The welded samples were exposed to the environment for 6, 9 and 12 months and afterwards tested by lap shear tests. The different pre-treatment methods show great influence of the bonding quality with respect to the exposed time.