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Influence of Low Level Ag Additions on Mg-Alloy AZ91


  • The Australian Research Council (Centre of Excellence for Design in Light Metals) and the Victorian Government (through the Victorian Facility for Light Metals Surface Technology) is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Dr. Colleen Bettles and Dr. Mark Gibson for assistance with provision of initial samples.


The influence of low-level silver (Ag) additions (0.12 and 0.5 wt%) to magnesium alloy AZ91 were studied in terms of electrochemical response and hardness. These properties were reconciled with microstructural analyses, indicating that 0.12 wt% Ag was capable of imparting an increment in hardness, with no significant increase in electrochemical corrosion kinetics, whilst 0.5 wt% Ag resulted in formation of an Mg4Ag phase which increased cathodic kinetics concomitant with lowered alloy hardness.