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Local Tomography Study of the Fracture of an ERG Metal Foam


  • The authors would like to thank the Région Rhônes Alpes in France for funding the PhD work of T. Zhang. The collaboration was favoured by HETMAT, a European Research Group funded by the French CNRS.


As one of the most important analysis techniques for non-destructive imaging, X-ray tomography has been widely used in materials science, medical science, and industry to evaluate the behavior of porous materials. By using this method, a three dimensional volume can be inspected in order to visualize in situ the progress of damage in materials and this can be analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. In the present study, we have used X-ray tomography to investigate the fracture behavior of an ERG open cell aluminum foam. The process of damage development of a sample undergoing tension and the relation between the inter-metallics and the cracks can be observed totally by the X-ray tomography set-up. Local tomography has in particular been used to image the microstructure at high resolution. A finite element model has also been developed in order to simulate this process of the damage using the 3D data obtained by the tomography.