Study of the High-Efficiency Superplastic Deformation of Ti–6Al–2.5Mo–1.5Cr–0.5Fe–0.3Si Alloy Based on the Strain Rate Sensitivity Index m


  • The authors would like to thank the finding support of the project (No. 51075196) from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.



A new high-efficiency superplastic deformation approach based on the strain rate sensitivity exponent m (m-HESPD) is developed and realized using Ti–6Al–2.5Mo–1.5Cr–0.5Fe–0.3Si. Compared with the maximum m SPD (MaxmSPD), MaxmSPD has the best elongation of 2000%, while m-HESPD is 1696% using the same Ti-alloy and deformation condition. The deformation efficiency of m-HESPD, however, is significantly increased by 13 times.