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Evidence of High-Temperature Strain Heterogeneities in a Nickel-Based Single-Crystal Superalloy


  • The authors are particularly grateful to Turbomeca–SAFRAN group for providing the base material. This work was part of a research program supported by DGA involving Snecma-SAFRAN group, Turbomeca-SAFRAN, ONERA, CEAT, and CNRS laboratories (Mines Paris Tech, Institut P'-ENSMA, LMT-Cachan, LMS-X, CIRIMAT-ENSIACET). D. Texier is also grateful to B. Viguier, S. Dryepondt, P. Caron and J. Cormier for stimulating discussions. P. DeParseval and V. Baylac are thanked for their help with EPMA and interferometry analyses.



The creep behavior of a single crystal superalloy is investigated at the dendritic scale. The chemical segregation in the dendritic structure is correlated to strain heterogeneities after creep experiments on ultrathin specimens. It is shown that primary dendrite axes have a strengthening effect.