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3D Characterization of an Intermetallic β/γ-Titanium Aluminide Alloy


  • The authors thank Dr. Arno Bartels for helpful discussions and GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH for providing the sample material. A part of this study was conducted within the framework of the BMBF project O3 × 3530A, Germany, and S. M. acknowledges financial support from the Theodor Koerner Fund. M. Engstler and F. Mücklich acknowledge financial support by the European Union for the project AMELab (European Regional Development Fund C/4-EFRE-13/2009/Br).



Intermetallic titanium aluminides have evolved into a lightweight alternative to nickel-based superalloys because of their good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures combined with a low density. Potential fields of application include aircraft and automobile engines. Microstructure strongly influences a material's mechanical properties. Although conventional 2D image analysis provides statistically secure information about the microstructure, a complete understanding of the 3D arrangement (e.g. phase's connectivity) is not accessible. In this study, 2D image analysis, EBSD and FIB/SEM tomography are employed to analyze the 3D microstructure of a β/γ-TiAl alloy with a nominal composition of Ti-44Al-7Mo-0.1B (in at%).

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