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Influence of Natural Ageing and Deformation on Precipitation in an Al–Cu–Li Alloy


  • The technical staff of beamline BM02-D2AM of ESRF are gratefully acknowledged for technical support. Dr. J.C. Ehrström is thanked for continued support and discussions during this project. The French research agency (ANR) is thanked for financial support under the project ALICANTDE.



The influence of natural ageing and plastic deformation on precipitation in an Al–3 wt% Cu–1 wt% Li–(Mg,Ag) alloy is investigated by small-angle X-ray scattering. When predeformation is applied before artificial ageing, regardless of natural ageing, the T1 phase precipitates rapidly, resulting in a strong hardening response. When no deformation is applied, the T1 phase precipitates more sluggishly and the strengthening response is lowered.