Structural Characterization and Wear Investigations of Palladium Layers Electrochemically Deposited Using Ionic Liquids


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for supporting this work (projects LA 1274/20-1 and ZI 596/4-1). The assistance of Gunar Röllig, Marc Pügner, Uta Faust, Christel Gläser, Karla Muhr, and Gabriele Engelhardt is gratefully acknowledged.



Correlations between deposition parameters of palladium films deposited from ionic liquids, microstructural properties, and the wear behavior are identified. The wear volume and calotte depths decrease, if tensile residual stresses are reduced. Cracks within the layer influence the wear resistance only marginally. Furthermore, results indicate that low pulse frequencies and long pulse lengths during deposition have positive effects on the wear results.