Impact of Wetting to the Agglomeration of Dispersed Particles in an Aqueous Medium


  • The authors would like to thank the German Science Foundation (DFG) for supporting the scientific work within the framework of the Collaborative Research Centre “Multi- Functional Filters for Metal Melt Filtration – A Contribute towards Zero Defect Materials” (SFB 920).


To produce high quality casted steel or aluminum products the step of filtration is essential. To improve this filtration process an experimental study to estimate the influence of the wettability is carried out using a model system. With this model system an atomic force microscope (AFM) study to measure the adhesive force is done. The results of this study are used to simulate the agglomeration behavior of a dynamic particle system. To confirm the results of the AFM study and the computer simulation, filtration experiments are realized.

These experiments as well as the simulations show a significant effect of the wetting behavior on the filtration efficiency. A high contact angle between the solid and liquid leads to an agglomeration of the impurities and with it to larger particle sizes. This finally results in a significant higher retention rate within the ceramic filter.