Effect of Inclusion Agglomeration and Percolation on the Dynamic Stiffness of Composite Materials with Coated Spherical Inclusions


  • S. T. A. is grateful to Dr. Olga Guseva of EMPA-Dübendorf (Switzerland) for her help with the orientational stiffness and compliance averaging procedures. The initial impetus for this work came from the discussions with Prof. G. H. Fredrickson of the Materials Research Laboratory at UCSB (Santa Barbara, U.S.A.). The work was conducted within the framework of the Kaiteki Institute (Tokyo, Japan, www.kaiteki-institute.com) project on the Acoustic Damping of Polymer Composites.



Using a combination of cross-validated analytical and numerical tools, we investigate the effect of inclusion agglomeration on the dynamic stiffness of composite materials with coated inclusions. Our results indicate that such composite materials with percolating and agglomerating microstructures can exhibit appealing increases in both stiffness and loss moduli.