Robust Technique Allowing the Manufacture of Superoleophobic (Omniphobic) Metallic Surfaces


  • The work was financially supported by the Foundation for Basic Research (Grant Nos. 13-03-96112 and 14-03-96009), the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Field (Agreement No. 0001799) and of Ministry of Education of Perm Region (Agreement No.C-26/203 of 09.12.2011).


Omniphobic metallic surfaces obtained with a robust two-stage process are reported. The surfaces demonstrate high apparent contact angles accompanied with a low contact angle hysteresis for a variety of liquids, including water, diidomethane, canola, castor, silicone oils, and crude petroleum oil. The superoleophobicity was achieved by fluorination of the nano-rough aluminum surfaces under treatment with perfluorononanoic acid, as established by TOF-SIMS spectrometry. The stability of the Cassie wetting regime was investigated. The critical surface tension of a liquid corresponding to the onset of wetting transitions was established experimentally.