Controlling the Color of Cholesteric Liquid-Crystalline Films by Photoirradiation of a Chiroptical Molecular Switch Used as Dopant


  • Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven and especially Prof. D. J. Broer are gratefully acknowledged for allowing us to perform most of the presented research at their facilities and for supplying us with the cholesteric acrylate mixture. Merck, Darmstadt is acknowledged for supplying us with the nematic material E7.


Using thin films of a cholesteric mixture of acrylates 2 and 3 doped with the chiroptical molecular switch (M)-trans-1, photocontrol of the reflection color between red and green is possible. This doped liquid-crystal (LC) film can be used for photoinduced writing, color reading, and photoinduced locking (via polymerization) of chiral, optically written information.