Method for Preparation of Semiconductor Quantum-Rod Lasers in a Cylindrical Microcavity


  • This work was supported in part by a grant from the Israel Science Foundation (grant #99/00-12.5), by the Israel Ministry of Science and by the James-Franck program for laser–matter interaction.


An efficient method for preparation of semiconductor quantum rod films for robust lasing in a cylindrical microcavity is reported. A capillary tube, serving as the laser cavity, is filled with a solution of nanocrystals and irradiated with a series of intense nanosecond laser pulses to produce a nanocrystal film on the capillary surface. The films exhibit intense room-temperature lasing in whispering-gallery modes that develop at the film–capillary interface as corroborated from the spacing detected for the lasing modes. Good lasing stability is observed at moderate pump powers. The method was applied successfully to several quantum-rod samples of various sizes.