• Magnetic materials;
  • Micelles;
  • Microemulsions;
  • Nanoparticles, inorganic


We have synthesized uniform and highly crystalline magnetite nanoparticles from the reaction of iron salts in microemulsion nanoreactors. The particle size can be controlled from 2 nm to 10 nm by varying the relative concentrations of the iron salts, surfactant, and solvent. Transmission electron microscope images of the nanoparticles reveal that they are very uniform in size distribution. Structural characterization using X-ray diffraction and X-ray magnetic circular dichroism shows that the nanoparticles are magnetite. The magnetic characterization of the nanoparticles showed that they are superparamagnetic at room temperature. Using a similar synthetic procedure, we have been able to synthesize nanoparticles of several mixed metal ferrites including cobalt ferrite, manganese ferrite, nickel ferrite, and zinc ferrite.