• Hierarchical assembly;
  • Micelles;
  • Nanostructures, inorganic


BaXO4 (X = Mo, W) nanobelts and a variety of hierarchical superstructures assembled from the nanobelts have been synthesized in a catanionic reverse-micelle system. The effects of various factors, such as the mixing ratio (r) between the anionic and cationic surfactants, the temperature, and the presence of polymeric additives, on the formation of the nanobelts and their hierarchical assembly have been examined in detail. In particular, r has been shown to be powerful in modulating the formation and assembly of the BaMoO4 and BaWO4 nanobelts. Architectural control of the penniform nanobelt superstructures has been readily achieved by changing the experimental parameters. A plausible two-stage growth mechanism has been proposed for the formation of penniform BaXO4 nanobelt superstructures in catanionic reverse micelles.