Polyamidoamine Dendrimers Prepared Inside the Channels of Pore-Expanded Periodic Mesoporous Silica


  • A. S. is a Canada Research Chair in Catalysis Using Nanostructured Materials. We thank the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and SASOL Technology (R & D) for financial support of this work. We also thank Mike Green at SASOL Technology for support, Peter Harlick for TGA measurements, and Glenn Facey and Cheryl McDowall for recording the NMR spectra.


Polyamidoamine dendrimers up to the fourth generation have been grown with unprecedentedly high loading within the channels of pore-expanded (10.6 nm) MCM-41 silica. In-depth characterization using nitrogen adsorption, solid-state NMR, FTIR, thermogravimetry, and elemental analysis showed that the dendrimers grow inside the channels with an average yield better than 99 %. The pore size and structure of the support have been found to be determining factors as to how much dendrimer growth can be achieved.